RED EPIC Dragon Financing Program

red-epic-dragon-financingWB FINANCIAL, the nation’s leading entertainment industry equipment lender, is pleased to offer a full suite of financing options for those looking to purchase (or upgrade to) the newest 6K digital cinema camera from RED- The RED EPIC Dragon. Since 2006, WB FINANCIAL has been providing financing for REDusers across the United States and Canada. With the current news from RED that the EPIC Dragon upgrade program would begin in September 2013, WB FINANCIAL is rolling out their special finance program which will allow cinematographers, rental houses, DP’s, studios, colleges/universities and other creative professionals the opportunity to get their hands on the 6K capable EPIC Dragon with little to no money down!

Who Qualifies?

RED EPIC Dragon financing is available for business purposes only; that is, the camera should be making you a living via shooting with it or renting it out. Financing is not available for hobbyists or for personal use. Typical customers are cinematographers, creative/advertising agencies, movie studios, DPs, camera rental houses, and even freelance cameramen.

The Process-

WB FINANCIAL is the leading equipment leasing & financing company in the entertainment industry. We established the industry’s first financing program for freelance/ENG cameramen in the 1990’s, and this expertise allows us to secure the most favorable terms for our entertainment industry clients. Established Corporations and LLCs can often secure approval for up to $100k in equipment with just a simple one-page application. We offer the industry’s only equipment leasing and finance program for freelance cameramen and other creative professionals that have been in business for at least 2-years.


Freelancer Financing-

Simply put, a freelancer is any self-employed creative professional that gets paid on a per-project basis. Freelancers are NOT employees of the companies they work for. That being said, freelancers do not generate W-2 income; rather, they would receive 1099’s at the end of the year from every person/company they worked for. If you are unsure of whether or not you would be considered a freelancer, check your tax returns. Freelancers will report their income as business income on a Schedule C. Freelancers may or may not have W-2 income reporting as well (from work on a film or other long-term project), but will ALWAYS have business income reporting on their tax returns. Freelancers should be prepared to supply a little more information during the application process, such as providing tax returns or a copy of a business license or fictitious name statement to show time-in-business.

What Can Be Financed?

To sum it up… any piece of professional equipment you might need on a shoot or for a job. From a bare bones EPIC Dragon body, to RED ROCKET-X cards and full production packages. Have additional needs such as lenses, tripods, heads, lighting, grip, or post-production gear? We can finance that too! If you are an existing EPIC owner, WB FINANCIAL can even finance your EPIC Dragon upgrade.

EPIC Dragon Footage:

Get Pre-Approved NOW!

What are you waiting for? Get pre-approved for financing and get in line to guaranty you are one of the first to shoot 6K with the EPIC Dragon. Contact Nicholas Fitch, Director of Finance- Entertainment Division for more information or to get pre-approved for your EPIC Dragon purchase or upgrade.

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