NAB 2013 Show Financing

NAB 2013 FinancingThat magical time of year is almost upon us. No, I’m not talking about Springtime or tax season, but rather the gathering of video and broadcast professionals from around the world in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) trade show and conference. The annual conference has become a stage for the largest professional audio/video manufacturers to showcase their latest technologies to the masses. Video professionals can walk the floor and visit literally thousands of exhibitors from around the world. The amount of gear at the show is endless and many professionals describe the feeling as being like “A kid in a candy shop.”

The big announcements from 2012 included the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon Cinema Lenses, RED’s new 6k DRAGON sensor, and the 4k capable Canon 1D C.

NAB is not only a showcase of professional products; it has become a place where early adopters can reserve gear and purchases can be made at great savings. Many exhibitors will be taking deposits on the latest arrivals, while others might be letting demo gear go at deep discounts. Don’t let the tremendous show savings pass you by!

From now through the end of the NAB 2013 show on April 11th, WB FINANCIAL will be offering pre-approved credit lines for use at the show. Recognized as the national leader in providing equipment financing options to the entertainment industry, WB FINANCIAL’s financing options include equipment leases and loans which allow media professionals to upgrade gear with little money out-of-pocket. Well qualified customers can also enjoy up to 90-days of no payments, allowing your new gear to start generating income before regular monthly payments start. Approvals are available for any media/creative professionals, including, but not limited to: camera rental houses, freelance cameramen, cinematographers, directors, producers, production companies, broadcasters, photographers, editors, colorists, touring/staging companies, and studios. Pre-approvals available starting at $5k on up to $250k.

To get pre-approved for purchases made at the NAB 2013 show, please contact Nicholas Fitch, Director of Finance- Entertainment Division.

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