Financing for Insulation Machines and Blowers

With the big push for energy efficiency in the United States, the insulation blowing industry is seeing tremendous growth despite a rather stagnant economy. While a solar panel array for your home might set you back well over $40k, similar energy savings can often be achieved by making the home more energy efficient. Energy efficient windows alone can result in heating/cooling savings of 24%-31%, and when combined with LED lighting and new insulation, the savings can put extra money back in your pocket every month.

While the licensing requirements for starting an insulation business vary from state to state, generally the process is quick (6-weeks) and easy. The real start-up costs involved in starting your own insulation business lay in the acquisition of the insulation machine or insulation blower you plan to use. The cost of reputable machines like the Cool Machines line of products may very well set you back $5k-$10 depending on your particular needs.

While many people are starting new insulation companies, many home builders and general contractors have turned to offering insulation services as other segments of their business have slowed. As more and more households realize the importance of energy efficiency, the number of contractors offering insulation services will only grow.

For those shopping for new/used equipment, WB FINANCIAL offers industry leading insulation machine financing and insulation blower leasing programs for both new and existing businesses across the United States. The equipment financing programs allow business owners to acquire or upgrade equipment with little out-of-pocket costs on terms from 36 to 60-months. Financing is available for spray insulation machines, blowers, hoppers, trailers and more!

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