Special RED Camera Financing Offers

RED EPIC Dragon FinancingWB FINANCIAL, a full service equipment leasing & financing company located in Southern California, has been providing RED Camera financing options to REDusers since 2006. To celebrate the long awaited release of the RED EPIC/Scarlet Dragon, we are offering industry leading lease and finance offers for those looking to upgrade or join the RED family. Our special financing program is intended to allow REDusers to acquire upgrade or purchase the new RED Dragon Sensor camera packages with the lowest out-of-pocket costs available in the industry. We are entertainment industry experts that have been financing professional camera gear since the 1990′s. Our long-time, exclusive relationships with banks and other national lenders allow us to offer terms that simply cannot be beat.

No Doc Fees!

Rather than pay the typical $200-$350 documentation/admin fee charged by most equipment finance companies, WB FINANCIAL is waiving ALL documentation fees for the rest of 2013 and up until NAB 2014. That alone can save the average customer almost $350 in upfront fees. After NAB 2014, fees for all RED customers will be limited to a flat $150.


In order to further limit the initial out-of-pocket expense for REDusers looking to upgrade, WB FINANCIAL is offering approvals with NO DOWN PAYMENT! While most banks and leasing companies will collect two month’s of payments in advance (sometimes up to 10% down), WB FINANCIAL is offering approvals with just one payment collected in advance, to be treated as the first payment/security deposit.

60-Days Until Payments Begin*

WB FINANCIAL knows that your new RED Dragon camera package needs to start generating revenue so you can make your monthly payments. Whether you are a camera rental house, or a DP/Director, getting your gear in the field and making money ASAP is your #1 goal. To allow your new gear to start generating income before your regular payments begin, we are offering 2-months of minimal “contact payments.” *Its simple… after starting your lease/loan, you will enjoy two months of contact payments ($50/mo for deals under $50k, $100/mo for deals over $100k) to allow your new gear to start making money.* Regular payments start at 90-days, but by that time, the gear should have already generated plenty of income.

Read more about who will qualify for financing here: Who Qualifies for Financing?

Get Pre-Approved NOW!

What are you waiting for? Get pre-approved for financing and get in line to guaranty you are one of the first to shoot 6K with the EPIC Dragon. Contact Nicholas Fitch, Director of Finance- Entertainment Division for more information or to get pre-approved for your EPIC Dragon purchase or upgrade.

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