Camera and Photography Equipment Leasing & FinancingLease and Finance Options for Cameras & Photo Equipment of ALL Kinds!

WB FINANCIAL supports creative professionals all across the United States and our camera finance and photography equipment leasing programs are second-to-none. We have photography equipment financing programs to cater to the needs of portrait studios, wildlife photographers, time lapse photographers, wedding photographers, event photographers and more. We specialize in the leasing and financing of complete camera packages which usually include camera body, lenses, media cards, cases, tripod, filters, batteries, chargers, warranty, and imaging software/computers. Unlike a traditional bank, we have an intimate knowledge of the photography industry and the camera gear creative professionals need. Our finance programs allow photographers to obtain the latest camera bodies available, and upgrade at set intervals down the road.



Many of our clients are PPA (Professional Photographers of America) members seeking an experienced lender in the camera/photo industry. Our camera finance programs require no down payments (OAC) and can be structured to meet seasonal changes in cash-flow. Our camera/photography finance programs allow you to stay current with technology so you can stay focused on what you do best… being creative.

Camera Finance

Camera financing is what we do best. We understand that technology changes quickly and that photographers and video production professionals need the latest gear to stay ahead in the industry. We are able to finance medium format bodies from Hasselblad, mirrorless cameras from Sony (A7S II), DSLRs from Canon/Nikon, the latest from Panasonic (GH5) and everything in between.

Finance New & Used Lenses

Quality lenses hold their value well, and in some cases, actually appreciate over time. We have specialty lens financing programs so you can acquire that prime lens set you’ve always wanted, and that super telephoto zoom lens you’ve always had to rent. You can finance that vintage Leica set you’ve been drooling over, as well as industry standard lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sony and others.

Freelancer Financing!

Do you operate as a freelance photographer? There is no need to have an established CORP or LLC; we have camera finance programs in place for freelancers, content creators, one-man marketing firms, and other creative professionals. If you file your taxes and report income on a Schedule C, we can help get you the financing for the gear you need.


Camera/Photography Equipment Leasing CompanyHeadquarted in Southern California, Serving Businesses Nationwide & in Canada.

Camera Equipment Vendor Finance Programs

Camera Vendor Finance Programs

WB FINANCIAL provides photography equipment leasing and camera finance options that allow vendors and manufacturers to sell more equipment while offering industry best financing options. Partner with WB FINANCIAL and provide comprehensive equipment financing options to your clients today!


In short, NO! We established the industry’s first leasing and financing programs for freelancers, and have flexible programs in place to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you report earnings on a W-2 or 1099… if you are an production industry professional, we can finance the gear you need.

Equipment leasing & financing rates vary depending on the total financed amount, years in business, term, and credit history of the company and/or it’s owners. Rates can range from 4.9% to low double digit figures depending on credit worthiness. New businesses and businesses with credit issues can expect to pay higher rates. Generally speaking, it makes sense to lease/finance equipment a long as the estimate revenue generated by the equipment, or money saved by acquiring the equipment, is less than the monthly lease/loan payment.

YES! Both new and used camera gear/photography equipment is eligible for leasing and financing. Equipment sellers and vendors may indicate that used equipment doesn’t qualify for financing, but that is because they are trying to sell you on new equipment, which may net them more profits and higher commissions. Terms for leasing and financing used equipment may be limited based on the estimated useful life of the asset in question. B-stock or out-of-box items are common in the video production industry. These could come from tradeshow displays or demo equipment.

Both equipment leasing and equipment financing options are term debt obligations used by businesses to acquire equipment. Equipment leases often contain end-options (most commonly $1, 10%, or FMV/PUT) that can be exercised at the end of the term in order to transfer ownership from the lessor to the lessee. Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA’s) contain no end-option and the equipment is owned by the customer from day 1. Both leases and EFA’s carry tax benefits which can lower tax liability at the end of the year.

Yes. Feel free to compile an equipment list that includes camera gear and accessories from multiple vendors. Additional documentation fees many apply if there are more than 5 vendors involved, but we can accommodate equipment from multiple vendors so you can get the best pricing on the equipment you need. We often fund leases and loans that contain gear from B&H Photo-Video, Adorama, Samy’s, and other national re-sellers.



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