Arri AMIRA Camera Financing

The Arri AMIRA is a 2K ENG-style camera based on the ALEXA platform. The AMIRA was developed for, and is being marketed towards the documentary/ENG shooter, while the ALEXA remains the go-to choice for cinema applications within the Arri lineup. The shoulder mount AMIRA will feature the same 16:9 sensor as the ALEXA, and record up to 200fps internally, via CFast 2.0 flash memory cards. In an Arri press release from last week, pricing was announced for their base model with viewfinder ($39,999 USD), as well as tiered pricing for upgraded models with different features and licensing.

From the press release:

“Flexibility of configuration is the key to ARRI’s pricing structure. Temporary and permanent software upgrades allow owners to adapt AMIRA according to the changing professional needs of their evolving careers, extending the return on their investment.”

A fully loaded Arri AMIRA will set you back some $66K according to pricing released by Abel Cine. The entry level AMIRA will allow for 422 HD recording up to 100 fps, while the “top of the line” model will add ProRes 4444 and shoot 2K up to 200 fps. Resellers are currently taking deposits for the first cameras which are set to ship sometime in March 2014.

Don’t have an extra $66K sitting around in the bank? WB FINANCIAL is offering equipment leasing and financing options that allow entertainment industry professionals to get their hands on the new AMIRA, with little out-of-pocket costs. And the best part… since AMIRA won’t start shipping until March (or later), is that WB FINANCIAL can structure the financing so regular payments don’t begin for 90-days! Once approved and documents are signed, WB FINANCIAL can make the deposit on your behalf, or we can reimburse you for any deposit(s) already paid to a vendor. Terms are available up to 5-years for established professionals. WB FINANCIAL is the entertainment industry’s leading equipment leasing company, providing financing options to rental houses, DPs, directors, freelancers, ENG/studio cameramen and other creative professionals across the United States and Canada. Get a quick, no obligation quote via our equipment financing calculator today.



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